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Simple Ways To Get Relief From Pregnancy Back Pain

Have pregnancy back pain? Shield it with some easy steps

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for every woman and it comes with some challenges. One of them is back pain, which is a common issue among women who are carrying. The mother’s -to-be gains weight and changes can happen in the center of gravity, along with the pregnancy hormones relaxing the ligaments present in the joints of pelvis.

With the causes identified, one needs to find out ways to counteract this problem. Since none of the drugs are advisable during pregnancy one needs to seek natural ways in which you can find relief. Though it is said that herbal supplements are better options they have their own effects. Some of the herbs are seen to cause dangerous effects when consumed during pregnancy. The fact that research has not been conducted on herbal supplements, makes, using them even more dangerous.

Use these natural remedies, to prevent or ease back pain, caused during this stage:

1. Practice good posture

The growth of the unborn baby shifts the woman’s center of gravity forwards. This has to be compensated by leaning back, which leads to the straining of the lower back muscles. This is how back pain comes into being during pregnancy. To prevent this from happening, one should stand up – straight and tall, also hold your chest high. It is also good to keep your shoulders back and relaxed while not locking your knees. It is best to adopt a wide stance while standing and choosing a chair with adequate lumbar support while sitting.

2. Choose your footwear wisely

It is best to wear low heeled shoes instead of flats, which come with a good arch support. Also, high heels should be avoided since they tip you forwards. Know how to select your maternity footwear along with different suggestions to your foot styles through this article.

3. Lift properly

This is very important since it involves exertion which should be restricted. Lifting small objects will require you to lift by squatting down, and not by bending at the waist. One should never lift with the back and should ask for help when needed.

4. Sleep on your side

It is advisable to sleep on your side instead of on your back and keeping one or both knees bent. One can also use support pillows between bended knees, behind the back or even under the abdomen.

5. Try heat – cold packs or massages

An alternative application of using heat or cold water; use heating pads or ice packs. It will improve blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. A massage will further increase the effectiveness of this method. Go to maternity support spas for the best massages.

6. Include physical activities in your daily routine

Physical activities also play a major role in preventing back pain while pregnant. Walking and simple water exercises help a great deal in strengthening the back. But it is also suggested to see a physical therapist for the exact and clarified exercises. Know the painless and effective workout exercises for pregnant women.

7. Use Belts

Some experience intense pain due to a condition called sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Relaxin produced makes the joints unstable and cause pain. This condition can be controlled by using a cheaper belt called the trochanter.

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