Is Climbing Stairs Safe During Pregnancy?

Find out how safe is climbing stairs safe during pregnancy and things to be careful about while doing so

When my sister got pregnant, we shifted her room to downstairs, not because she had any issues during pregnancy, but because we didn’t want to take a chance. So I would like to say that, climbing stairs during pregnancy is fine, but if you are critical of taking chances, then its best you avoid it.

Reasons why you are advised not to climb stairs during pregnancy:

  • When you get a big baby bump, it’s too difficult to watch your foot, in sense stair steps. There are chances that you may trip and fall.
  • When you were not pregnant your center of gravity is in the pelvis area, but as you become two months pregnant the center of gravity shifts forward slowly. As a result, you may bend a bit backward for stability, but which in turn gives a probability of falling.
  • Pregnant women usually feel dizziness and fainting, mostly while climbing or coming downstairs. It may cause life emergency situation for the baby and yourself if you fall down fainting on your tummy area.
  • Climbing a series of steps when you are not pregnant itself gives you tired and shortness of breath. So being pregnant will give you double the situation. This might increase your heart rate and stress. So it’s better if you climb up like a snail.
  • During the first two months, usually, doctors recommend them to take rest, not to lift any heavy items and climb stairs.  As this is the time when miscarriages happen mostly.
  • If you climb stairs heavily or hurt on your abdomen, there are serious chances you may induce early labor.
  • Pregnant women usually have a swollen foot, climbing with such foot can induce body pain in them.
  • For those, whose doctors have termed the pregnancy at risk, should with no fail avoid stairs. So that you may not risk the pregnancy because of s-t-a-i-r-s.

Things to take care while climbing stairs:

  • Do not climb stairs alone. Have someone as a backup besides you while climbing stairs, so that they can hold you if you trip.
  • Keep the stair space empty. In the name of stair decorations, you may keep flower vase on stairs, remove it to avoid disturbance.
  • Have handrails on stairs, so that you can hold on it tightly while climbing.
  • Wear slippers which have grip, as it will help you not to slip and fall if there is spilled water on stairs.
  • If there is carpet on stairs then have it checked beforehand if the stickiness of carpet is lost, is it in position etc. so that you can climb without fear.
  • Have good lighting in the staircase area.
  • Climb like a snail, take your time to climb the stairs.
  • If you are climbing in rush area like a metro station, where there is single stairs for two-way – climbing and getting down, then have someone to hold you up, use handrails, and hold on your hand stiff on tummy area so that nobody hit on by mistake.
  • If there is a lot of stair steps then, do not think of keeping your foot on alternative steps, so as to climb fast. Keep firm on all the steps, take breaks for relaxing and drinking water. If you have space to rest then do it.
  • Use comfortable shoes ahead of time, if you know that you are going to a place where you might need to climb stairs.
  • Use lifts if the place has one.

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