Get Excited People It’s A Baby Shower Game Area!

Know how to execute the enthusiasm filled Baby Shower Games for delighting your guests.

After the long tiring days of pregnancy, your family and friends are here for you – specially and especially for you and your baby bump. Feel the hike of excitement? All are here to see the wide grin on your face. So let’s get one on your beautiful face.

Hope you have selected a theme for the baby shower, let it be Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, Halloween or any other it’s left to you – the pretty mom to be. Choose a matching hair bow or hat or ‘Friend of the mom to be’ sash for your babe’s (girlfriends), can be provided at the entrance.

Here are some 12 game themes you can execute to blast out memory filled BABY SHOWER for you and your little one:

  • The entry vote:

# Keep a blackboard on the entrance where you have kept the theme items, divide the board into two equal halves, separated for ‘BOY AND GIRL’, and provide different chalk colors ‘ blue and pink’ respectively. Here, you are going to hold a vote for the unborn baby’s gender prediction.

Get Excited People It's Baby Shower Game Area!Get Excited People It’s A Baby Shower Area!

# Keep pink cake and blue cake to represent girl and boy babies, for guest to eat the cake, which they feel the unborn baby gender is going to be.

# Raffle tickets: let each of the guests choose a number from the pile of number cards you have created beforehand. In the middle of the baby shower function, let the ‘mom to be’ choose a number. The guest who has the number, receives a gift from the one who has the baby bump.

  • The name game:

Give a card and pin to each of the guests and ask them to write any cartoon or fairy tale name on the card. That will be their official name during the ceremony. Anyone who calls their original game will be given a penalty work to do.

  • The drink:

As your girls and relatives settle down, hand over them juices, wine or soft drinks (whatever you have prepared) and the next game begins. The ice cubes which you have prepared earlier with small baby toys iced, introduce it to their drink. The one who melts the ice first and frees the baby toy wins.

  • Let’s give some challenge:

Get Excited People It’s A Baby Shower Area!

The challenge time for guests against each other; let 4 of the guests compete against each other at a time, in the ‘Diaper change’ challenge. Arrange four or n number of dolls you are able to provide and heap out diapers to the competitors, when the time starts, let the competitors change the doll’s diaper. Who does the diaper change the earliest wins.


  • Baby shower bingo:

Get Excited People It’s A Baby Shower Area!

Now an adrenaline relaxing game, hand over the bingo cards you have made and printed out before itself. In this, the mom to be can also join in for a Bingoooooooo card game.

  • Pass the pacifier:

Get Excited People It’s A Baby Shower Area!

Let your guest create two groups and let them stand in a parallel line and have them hold a straw in their mouth. When the game starts they have to pass a pacifier from one person to another using the straw in their mouth. The team who gets the pacifier transferred first wins.

  • Now a creative game:

Let the guest sit in a circle and place drawing crayons and markers in the center. Give a diaper to each one and ask them to draw – write – color or anything they want on the outer side of the diaper. This will help the mom to be in future get relaxed and have a small relief after reading the written or drawn item; during her hard time, when she has to wake up in the middle of the night.

  • Pass the dirty diaper:


Get Excited People It’s A Baby Shower Game Area!

Melt some chocolates inside the diaper and let the guest continue being in the circle position. When even the “mom to be” starts the music, pass the diaper in between the guests. When she stops the music, whoever has the diaper in hand has to perform a task which the ‘mom to be’ asks.

  • Fix the baby pacifier correct:

Hang a baby cartoon on the wall, and blindfold the guest. Ask the one to tag the pacifier in the correct position of the baby’s mouth. The one who does correctly or even near to the baby’s mouth wins.

  • Bottle race:

Fill in the feeding bottle of the baby with some shakes – rose or vanilla milkshakes and place the baby nipple too. The one who finishes the whole shake first – wins.

  • What’s in your purse:

Get Excited People It’s A Baby Shower Area!

Call out some weird things or rare things out which is possibly present in the guest’s purse. The one who has the most called out things win.

  • The guessing game:

Fill in a jar full of candies. Remember to see the quantity in the pocket before pouring it in and calculate the total beforehand. Let the guest guess the number of candies present in the jar. The one who tells the right number or even near amount wins.

Hold on to your seats as the most beautiful and memorable baby shower is about to get started. Hope you have all the good things coming your way – ‘mom to be’.

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