Get Your Baby To Roll Over

Discern when will your baby roll over, how to help them to do so and the matters of concern

You left your baby in his crib to take pampers, and when you return back you surprisingly found your baby has rolled over to his chest. Oh! Wow! You call out your husband to inform the same.

It is a wonderful experience, baby rolling over on their own. But in some, you need to facilitate your baby. And it is a good thing to do.

So when will your baby roll over?

You have seen your baby lying on their side, it is an obvious thing to watch. In some babies, they roll over early and without much help. Usually, roll over period starts from 3rd month to 6th month.  The 4th month being the critical one. It is not a matter to worry if your baby has not started to roll over in his 3rd month, but it is high time you help your baby to roll over and practice giving his 1 whole month for practice and in the 4th month he can roll over on his own.

Why roll over important?

As your baby is in his 2nd month, put your baby on his tummy, slowly and gradually he will start to do mini pull-ups, raising his head up and putting his weight – balance on his arms. This milestone is very important for the next milestone to arrive. Doing this he is strengthening his muscles of the arms, back, and neck. With this posture, he is tightening and exercising his bones and muscles for their functioning.

As the baby gains this strength the next posture arises, which is rolling over. With this, we are helping him to further development of his muscles in the arms, back, and neck. This will lead way to the next milestone which is crawling and sitting in his back. These will be the stepping stone for the baby to walk in the future.

How to train your baby to roll over?

# Rolling to baby’s tummy:

  1. Lay your baby onto one side, consider here to their left side.
  2. You must encourage your baby to roll over every time.
  3. Place his favorite toy after showing him on his left side where he can reach by rolling over.
  4. Now slowly cross your baby’s right leg over to the left leg, so that he gets a grip on the floor with the toe.
  5. Push slowly on the baby’s back to the left side.
  6. Your baby will be now on his tummy.
  7. Since it’s the first time, your baby’s arm will be stuck inside.
  8. Slowly raise your baby by his chest and take off the arm.
  9. Let the baby stay in that position, entertain him with toys.
  10. Encourage the baby to raise his head up and kick his legs.

# Rolling baby to his back:

  1. You can raise your baby’s hand up, inside- close to his chest or to his side. Bringing his shoulder inside.
  2. Now slowly pull his body to one side, giving support to baby’s head if it has not cemented yet.
  3. Place him on the side, and let him do the rest himself.

The matters of concern:

  • Do not worry if your baby has not rolled over in his 3 months, but you need to help out for sure.
  • If your baby has skipped rolling over and has jumped to crawling or sitting, it is a matter to appreciate rather than being tensed. It happens with some kids.
  • But take this matter to the doctor if your baby has not started to roll over by his 4th month. Not just this if the baby has not decided to skip over rolling over consult a doctor immediately and sure. Going in his 4th month will help you to understand the concern immediately and resolve it with some further exercises and massages.
  • Do not leave your baby unattended ever. As you do know when your little one has decided to roll over and injure himself if you are not near.
  • Notice if your baby is rolling over in sleep – if he is having trouble breathing due to stuck hands or is the crib, he is lying is secure enough to handle if the baby rolls over.

Just keep on encouraging with claps or appreciation ‘good job my baby’, ‘scream out’ or give his/her favorite toy in hand whenever the baby rolls over by himself or with your help. Have a happy baby roll over time!

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