What To Feed Your 9-12 Month Old Baby?

As your baby is now ready to eat solid foods, discern which are the foods fit for their consumption

The beautiful world is shining brightly and my baby has now stepped in his 9th month, which makes this day even brighter. Coming to the phase of 9-12 month and nearing his 1st birthday, comes with a puzzle of what to feed him other than breast milk. Here are the details you require.

The important things to consider before the introduction of foods:

With the introduction of the 9-12 month, your baby is now fit for eating solid foods and adopting finger foods. Even though I termed it as solid food I’m clearly mentioning here,

# To check if he has grown his teeth’s properly to bite and chew and to the initial 9-10 months always provide them with grinded foods, which is made into paste or juices.

# Even if you decide to give them food for finger foods, make sure the food does not choke your baby or get stuck and irritate the baby.

# Try finding if the baby is allergic to the specific food and eliminate it immediately. In some researches, it states that with the early introduction of some specific foods, there are chances that such foods turn in as allergens in future.

# Doctors advise not to expose babies to honey, cow’s milk, peanuts, etc., in their initial years. As they contain bacteria’s which have the ability to affect badly on the baby’s body (damage the intestine).

# Keep breastfeeding active even through this period. when breast milk cannot satisfy their hunger, they will cry and show irritation, try adding the below-mentioned foods to fill their stomach.

What to feed your 9 – 12-month-old baby?

  • Oatmeal’s: start with simple and easy to digest foods. As the baby’s digestive system is not matured enough to digest heavy food, and it develops with time. Mix oat meals with breast milk for better taste. You may grind it in and make a paste to feed the baby, you can add strawberry or banana for better taste.
  • Banana: add bananas in water and bring to boil. And then mash it before feeding to baby.
  • Bread: you can plainly give bread to the baby or toast it, by doing this the crispiness is going to entertain the baby.
  • Rice: mash and grind rice and feed the baby. This is good for the baby.

Finger foods:

What To Feed Your 9-12 Month Old Baby?

  • Cucumber, kiwi, watermelon, papaya: you can cut these and give it to the baby. Let them play or eat, it shouldn’t bother. Making a juice using these and giving it to the baby is also fine.
  • Pasta: make it soft and you can place it on a plate or on their high chair, eating by making a mess is the real taste behind it.
  • Dry cereals: flakes of corn and other dry cereals are baby’s favorite. You can arrange it is different shapes or as faces of cartoons to attract them.
  • Others: bronchi, carrot, meatballs, mush eggs, pita strips etc.

How will you know your baby’s little tummy is full?

When your baby moves his/her head away from the food, cry, and loss of attention or spit the food out. These show that the baby’s tummy is full.

How many times should you serve?

Breastfeeding should continue for 1 year and even more until you decide not to. Along with this, in your baby’s 9-12 month have – 5 serving of 2 -4 teaspoons of meals and 2-3 teaspoon of juices every day.


  1. Never leave your kid unattended, even for a second with food besides them. As there are choking hazards associated with it.
  2. Do not give foods with their seeds like in grapes, watermelon. Don’t forget to remove it.
  3. Do not add sugar or salt in the food. Babies are not knowledgeable enough to know this food has less salt in it or is not sweet enough.

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